Many thanks to Ballistics and Brentoni Eyewear for sponsoring polarised sunglasses to the Shark Spotters for another year. The spotters use the glasses to help reduce glare when looking at the water and improve their ability to spot sharks in the inshore coastal waters of the peninsula. The sunglasses are a vital part of their equipment and the donation of Ballistics glasses for each spotter is greatly appreciated, as well as the long running support they give to the program. Thank you very much.

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  1. Great to have sunglasses- but please update your site- there were @ – i repeat TWO sharks at muizies within 1 hour yesterday FRIDAY – why is this NOT ON YOUR SITE?

    this blog and

    is a complete waste of time for those wanting daily updates.

    eg – I am a surfer and want to go surfing today… I see that the last sighting was ages ago according to this site and the other…. but this is WRONG info. what about yesterday. Im wondering how many days it will take for this info to be posted.

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