Sabu, the original shark spotter at Fish Hoek passed away after a long illness. He started looking for sharks from the mountain above Fish Hoek in 2004 when he was a spotter for the treknet fisherman and would alert the law enforcement office and the lifesaving club when a shark was visible. He will be remembered for his dedication to his job, even when his health was failing. He passed on some of his valuable knowledge about the sea to younger spotters that worked with him. He was a unique character and anyone who was ever on the radio channel with Sabu will tell that he was in charge during his shift and commanded repect from the newer members of the team! Everyone on the Shark Spotters team and all the regular swimmers in Fish Hoek appreciate the many hours that Sabu kept watch from the hut above the beach.
Photo: Shark Spotters, Sabu (in hut) and Monwabisi

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