On 20th July 2007 Hudson Gwala died tragically. He was employed as a shark spotter at the Hoek, Noordhoek through the KEAG Working for the Coast programme since October 2006. Earlier this year he was excited to have spotted a shark at the Hoek and just a few weeks ago he reported seeing the return of some whales into the bay.
Hudson was a keen soccer player and was very proud of the team of 7 year old boys that he was coaching. He recently injured a foot during a soccer match and had decided to take a break from the game to try out surfing. Hudson would borrow fellow shark spotter, Eric’s, surfboard and take to the waves at the Hoek while Eric kept watch from the mountain.
Surfers would often chat to Hudson before going into the water at Noordhoek. Many cyclists would stop on Chapman’s Peak Drive and listen to Hudson talk about the Shark Spotters. He was always friendly and enthusiastic about his work and will be missed by the Shark Spotters team.

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