SHARK ALERT: City warns of high Great White Shark activity in False Bay



SHARK ALERT: City warns of high Great White Shark activity in False Bay


The City of Cape Town and the Shark Spotting Programme would like to alert beach users to a high level of Great White Shark activity in the in-shore area of False Bay.


High shark activity

Shark activity has been particularly high at Muizenberg, St. James and Kalk Bay beaches.


The high shark activity at these beaches over the weekend has continued today. Visibility is poor and under these circumstances, theShark Spotters do not recommend changing the shark alert status.


The beaches are therefore flying red flags with a white shark, indicating a high shark alert. Shark Spotters are on high alert and bathers are urged to refrain from swimming.


Beach closures

Clovelly, Fish Hoek and Glencairn beaches remain closed to swimming as a result of increased shark activity and following the shark attack last week.


The City would like to remind bathers in Fish Hoek not to enter the water as this beach is still closed for swimming. Shark Spotters will continue to monitor the beaches and the public will be informed of any change in the situation.


Beach users must please familiarise themselves with the Shark Spotting warning system, by reading signage and by speaking to beach-based Shark Spotters. Bathers should always comply with the Shark Spotters warning system, and obey instructions to clear the beach.


Beach users are urged to be vigilant along the False Bay Coastline by following the advice below:


  • Swim in groups
  • Ensure that you are visible to others when swimming
  • Ensure that you do not swim when there are marine mammals (whales, dolphins, seals) in the area
  • Ensure that you do not swim if a marine mammal or carcass has washed up onto the beach
  • Ensure that you do not swim if there is a stranded marine mammal in the area
  • Ensure that you do not enter the water when treknetters are operating in the area.





Issued by: Communication Department, City of Cape Town


Media enquiries: Gregg Oelofse, Head: Environmental Policy and Strategy, Environmental Resource Management Department, City of Cape Town, Tel: 021 487 2239 or Cell: 083 940 8143

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