The shark spotters at the Hoek, Noordhoek, have recorded 3 shark sightings between 31 March and 14 April 2007. The previous sighting was in October 2006. Sharks sightings were also reported this month by a paddler off Long Beach, Kommetjie and a surfer at Dunes.
This time of year the juvenile seals at Seal Island in False Bay start to leave the island to hunt fish. These inexperienced youngsters are hunted by white sharks in the waters surrounding the island.
Shark spotters are currently on duty at the following beaches: the Hoek, Muizenberg, Danger Beach/St James & Fish Hoek. Look out for the flags when they are on duty.
Black flag means visibility is poor.
Green flag means visibilty is good.
White flag with black shark print means the spotter can see a shark. A siren or air horn will sound to alert people in the water.
Red flag means there was a shark, but it is no longer visible to the spotter.

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