To Monwabisi and the Sharkspotters
The inaugural PTC Simonstown Triathlon took place on the 30th of May 2010. Its was a great success with all entered atheletes finishing the race, and very imporatntly form a race organisers point of view, everyone having a safe race, without incident.
I would like to thank Monwabisi and the sharkspotters for their involvement on the day. Sharkspotters played a vital role in our overall water safety plan. They provided us with information on shark activity prior to the race start. The sharksotters blog also provided information on general shark activity in the bay over the weeks leading up to the event, which assisted us.
Your involvement beyond just sharkspotting, and discussions with me around water safety, and your experience with sharks in the bay was also of great value. I look forward to an ongoing relationship with you and the sharkspotters. I believe by being wise about how we use the sea for triathlon swimming and other recreational activities in this area, we can easily co-exist with the shark population, without incident.
Please visit for more info on the race and the PTC.
David Talbot
for the PTC

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