National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) Media release:

Kommetjie/Noordhoek 14 April, 2007. Continued shark sightings.

The shark spotting program is appealing to bathers, surfers, paddlers and boaters to be aware of continued sightings made by the on-duty shark spotters and by surfers and paddlers of possibly one or more white sharks that have been sighted in the sea in the vicinity of Noordhoek and Kommetjie over the past 2 weeks.
A medium sized white shark has been spotted in the area of The Hoek, Noordhoek, this morning by on-duty shark spotters and a white shark sighting was reported this morning by a surfer at Dunes along the Noordhoek Beach front.
A week ago a paddler at Kommetjie spotted a medium sized white shark and over the past 14 days on-duty shark spotters at Noordhoek recorded 3 sightings of a medium sized white shark in the general area.
Yvonne Kamp, Shark Spotting Program Coordinator, said that surfers, paddlers and bathers can take an indication of the situation from the shark spotter posted just below Chapman’s Peak Drive, Noordhoek (Below the Noordhoek side of Chapman’s Peak Drive’s car park):
If there is no flag visible it means there is no shark spotter on duty.
A green flag indicates the shark spotter is on duty, has good visibility and has not sighted any sharks.
A black flag indicates that the shark spotter is on duty but there is bad visibility from the observation post.
A red flag indicates a shark has been sighted by the shark spotter but is currently not visible.
A white flag with a black shark in the middle of the flag indicates that a shark is currently visible in the area.
When a shark is spotted by the shark spotter an air horn or a siren will sound.
Alison Kick of the Shark Research Center said that at present, at this time of year, a changeover time with the change of seasons is usual and evident with white sharks generally moving towards Seal Island in False Bay to feed and the Shark Research Center have witnessed increased shark activity in the vicinity of Seal Island.

Released by:

Craig Lambinon
Sea Rescue Spokesman

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