Throughout May the Shark Spotters have been lucky enough to have been given the opportunity by Rob and Karen at African Shark Eco Charters to help out on their cage diving expeditions. They have been joining the ASEC crew on trips to seal island and learning more about Great White Sharks up close and personal, as well as helping out with all aspects of the cage diving operation.
“It is amazing to see a shark up close, i have spotted many from the mountain but seeing them from a few metres away is a completely different experience….its awesome! I learnt so much about why sharks behave the way they do!” said Seferino Gelderbloem.
Valentino Simmerie said “seeing sharks at the island is always fantastic but i really enjoyed learning how a cage diving business operates, seeing how the bait handler works, and all the crew works together to give the customer an unforgettable experience. That is what i enjoyed most about this trip.”
Project Manager, Sarah Titley commented “it is really a fantastic opportunity we have been given here to get the spotters to learn more about shark behaviour and conservation from those that have been around them every day for many years. Rob and his crew can teach the spotters so much more about sharks than they can learn sitting on the mountain. It has also been great to show the spotters that there are other shark-related careers out there that they can pursue. It is brilliant that the spotters are experiencing how cage diving works from responsible and environmentally passionate operators such as African Shark Eco Charters”.
We would like to thank Rob, Karen and all the crew at ASEC for taking the time to take the spotters out and the continuing support they have shown the program.


  1. Why dispatch people to lookout points when one or more can sit in a control room watching a monitor, fed by webcams positioned at the lookout points?

    Also, why not deploy an active shark deterent system on either side of the beach area with a range of 1km?


  2. Its been great having an extra set of eyes to help us spot them on those cloudy days..

    Cheers for the hand and hope to see more of you on the boat this season.

    Dive Master
    African Shark Eco Charters

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