A 14 year old surfer, Andrew Smith, was bitten on his legs and feet by a shark at the Pipe in Strand on Wed evening (7th Nov 2007). He was assisted to shore by a fellow surfer and driven to a nearby hospital for treatment. At the time of the incident the water was brown and visibilty was further reduced by overcast conditions and wind chop.
Muizenberg shark spotter, Patrick Davids, was stationed at the beach on Thu and Fri to inform people planning to enter the water about the incident. Signs were put up to caution the public about the previous day’s shark activity. Shark Spotters visited Andrew in hospital and completed a standard report for the South African and International Shark Attack File.

During the summer months there is an increase in shark movement along the shore and water uses are asked to be cautious and follow certain guidelines:
Avoid entering the ocean when visiblity is poor (dusk, dawn, sediment or algae in the water, choppy water, overcast conditions)
Stay within the surf zone
Stay in a group
Use beaches where shark spotters or lifeguards are on duty
Don’t dive with a bait bag
Don’t enter the water when there is an abundance of fish in the area which could attract predators (often signalled by feeding birds, seals or dolphins)

We wish Andrew a speedy recovery so that he can get back onto his surfboard soon!

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