As they release DJI Phantom 4 Drones and Mavic in South Africa, Cape Town’s popular tech entrepreneurs, weFix, has announced a partnership that will see weFix donate these sought-after devices to the non-profit organisation Shark Spotters for increased and targeted surveillance off two of the City’s beaches, most vulnerable to shark interaction.

For the upcoming summer, the Shark Spotters teams at Muizenberg and Fish Hoek beaches will have the advantage of going way beyond the limited views afforded to them simply by binoculars and high-lying vantage points. weFix’s donation includes not just the exciting drones, but also the local and accredited training in operating drones, as well as licencing, insurance and maintenance premiums.  This holistic social investment is aimed at empowering Shark Spotters with latest technology that can be innovatively employed to keep beach-goers safer.

“The drones are aimed at being a supporting mechanism for the dedicated Shark Spotters,” explains weFix CEO, Alex Fourie, “They do not replace any of the current processes and routines that Shark Spotters employ to safeguard these popular swimming and surfing beaches.  Instead, the drones offer the extraordinary advantage of being able to remotely investigate reports of shark sightings at sea, and more accurately identify causes of alarm and track the intensity. ”

Critical to this is that the donation of the drones, and all their necessities, will empower Shark Spotters to reliably identify and record a variety of marine life sightings in the False Bay area, and in so doing, make an important contribution also to Science’s understanding of the prevalence and movements of a variety of sea creatures, not just the Great White Shark.

In the near future, the drones will be deployed to get closer looks after a mountain-based spotter or a resident calls in a shark sighting.  “This is a fantastic enhancement of our programme, says Sarah Waries, Project Manager of Shark Spotters, “What we expect is that the drones will ultimately improve the accuracy of our current shark flag system and of course, enhance safety when it comes to swimming and other popular water sports.”

Currently, Muizenberg and Fish Hoek beaches each have mountain-based shark spotters who, to date have only used binoculars and polarised sunglasses to look out for sharks close to shore. The drones will now give them additional range up and down the beach, and out to sea. The drone can stay in flight for up to 30 minutes before needing a battery change.

As 2016 draws to a close, the news that there will be added protection this summer season for water-goers on these popular beaches is most welcome.  “Typically, shark sightings start in spring, and peak during late summer, this is exactly the same as when beach days for people also peak,” concludes Waries, “ We’re in no doubt that our organisation will benefit hugely over time by deploying and mastering latest technologies, and we couldn’t be more delighted with this partnership.”


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