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Education and awareness is key to a successful shark safety strategy.


Education and awareness is key to a successful shark safety strategy. Shark Spotters works hard to provide factual, non-sensational information about sharks and shark safety to the public, so that they can make informed decisions about risk when entering the water.

We also aim to foster a greater understanding of sharks and their important role in the ecosystem, which will ultimately change peoples perspective on sharks, from fear to acceptance.

In 2014 we opened our Shark Spotters Info Centre at Surfers Corner on Muizenberg beach. This Info Centre is ideally situated on the busy beachfront and serves as an interactive educational space where members of the public can come and engage directly with the program to learn more about sharks and shark safety, as well as ocean conservation in general.


The Info Centre contains informative signage and educational materials for local and international visitors to enjoy at their leisure. Being open from 8am to 6pm daily, 365 days a year, the Centre see's thousands of visitors on an annual basis.

Furthermore, the Info Centre serves as a community hub on the beachfront, providing a number of services to the public free of charge, including first aid, lost property, storage of personal possessions etc.

Education is a core mandate of the Shark Spotters program and we perform numerous outreach activities to help spread our message to a wide range of communities and stakeholders. We often participate in educational community events and do public presentations on request. To inquire about or book a presentation by Shark Spotters, email info@sharkspotters.org.za


Please wear a mask, sanitise your hands and maintain a social distance when visiting Shark Spotters locations.
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