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Educational Outreach event – a HUGE success!

Educational Outreach event – a HUGE success!

There are many issues that face our marine environment. These include pollution, over utilization and climate change. At Shark Spotters, we believe that awareness and education is the first step in securing the future of our oceans.

To this end, and with the help of @MySchoolSA, Shark Spotters hosted a recycling competition, with the prize being a fun day outing to the Shark Spotters center.

Happy Valley Primary school was selected to participate in this event as the children are from poverty stricken households that are surrounded by many social ills.

The children were asked to produce art by using recycled material. The theme for their artworks: “Our Oceans” was used to promote recycling and create environmental awareness about the impact that trash has on our oceans.

See below for the top 3 pieces of art:

Once the art was completed, 33 Grade 7 pupils made their way to the Shark Spotters centre for their prize.

With the help of Blue Flag and the Save Our Seas Shark Centre, the students walked from Muizenberg to the Kalk Bay Centre while completing various fun, educational tasks along the way. These included puzzles and anagrams, quizzes and games.

They learnt about the creatures that live in and around the False Bay ecosystem and got to witness first hand many of these critters. From seeing whales, birds and even a small snake! They learnt about sharks and how important they are to the functioning of the ecosystem and how to #BeSharkSmart when swimming in the ocean.

From the Save Our Seas Shark Centre, the children were taken to the Two Oceans Aquarium, to spend the night sleeping under the watchful eye of the new predator exhibit.

The evening was spent exploring the aquarium and all the treasures and wonders that the marine environment holds. They got to interact with the exhibits and learn first-hand about a world they had never considered existed before. We all eventually fell asleep from exhaustion after a very busy and eventful day.

Before they left in the morning, the children got to meet Mrs Harold Custard, one of the residents at the Two Oceans Aquarium. Mrs Harold Custard is a Rockhopper penguin that loves to meet new people.

Awareness and education may be the first step in securing the future of our oceans, but the hope is that these experiences will create ocean ambassadors that will consider their own impact on their surrounding environment.


“In the end, we will conserve only what we love, we will love only what we understand

and we will understand only what we are taught.”

– Baba Dioum


Thank you to all the sponsors, supporters, contributors and organizers for your dedication, hard work and belief in the success of this event. To many … MANY more.


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